Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Bed…

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Hannahbear79 Made the same as all MH dolls. This one is very pretty. My daughter loved that her feet are clear. It gives the illusion that she is disappearing. This is a great addition to the collection.

Kitty This doll is perfect for collectors. She is a little hard to find in the stores, but if you do happen to spot her then you are very lucky! The doll itself is really pretty and is an excellent addition to any collection.

Monster High Mom Again, pictures do not do this doll justice. You have to see it. My daughter loves it and so do I. Another must have

Crystal Again, pictures do not do this doll justice. You have to see it. My daughter loves it and so do I. Another must have

flora The doll was just what my daughter wanted, we also ordered from the store and there was no shipping fees to my home so it was an additional benefit. Good Experience.

Meg Beautiful doll. My daughter loves it!

Akima's mom My daughter adores the Monster High dolls. I am trying to get all of them for her. These dolls can become quite pricey online ([@]), but I found her here at [@]! I am so happy; when she actually gets to play with her doll, she'll be ecstatic! Thanks [@] for your low prices.

Mom of Middle Schooler My middle school age daughter just loves the Monster High dolls and this one is just lovely. Her dress and hair are gorgeous(and purple!). My daughter is extremely happy with her. This is a great doll for Monster High and Barbie fans!

Sylvia a fun mom!! The doll was delivered as promised and she is just beautiful.. My 7year old daughter Emily loves them!! Thank You toys r us...

KK in the desert My girls LOVE the MOnster High dolls, and this Spectra Vondergeist was exceptionally cute. The fine details on the clothes and accessories, hair and makeup, really sell the toy. I just think that the plastic seems a little flimsy to charge such a high price. Some of the less expensive MH dolls seem an excellent value, such as the Roller Maze which you can find for as low as [$]. That seems about right for the quality of these dolls as a children's toy. As a collector's item . . . who's counting dollars?


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Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Bed…

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